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Sage Research Corporation was founded in 1991 by Anita Pollak and Dr. Rick Robson.

We understand and satisfy our clients’ research needs because we’ve been there – we bring years of client side research management experience to every project. In addition, we have held senior positions in the advertising agency, consulting, and supplier segments of the marketing research business. 

Over our careers, we have conducted marketing, communication & advertising and social & policy research in over 70 different private and public sector categories.

We design innovative, effective, and cost-efficient research and ensure that it is professionally managed because of our extensive experience acquired in virtually every aspect of the research business.

The end result:  We provide our clients with clear, concise, insightful analysis allowing them to make decisions with confidence.

Sage Research and the Government of Canada’s Advisory Panels on quality standards for qualitative and quantitative public opinion research
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