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Sage Research developed and managed the Government of Canada's Advisory Panels on quality standards for online and telephone survey research and for qualitative research

The Government of Canada wanted input on quality standards for all of its public opinion research - both qualitative and quantitative.

Three Advisory Panels were convened - one on telephone survey quality standards (2007), and one on online survey quality standards (2008)), and one on quality standards for qualitative research (2012). Sage Research was asked to manage all three Panels. Our responsibilities were to:

  • Provide input on selection of the various experts comprising each Panel
  • Develop the agenda
  • Compile background material for the Panels, including quality standards used by other organizations around the world
  • Develop proposed quality standards and guidelines
  • Facilitate and moderate the meetings of the Advisory Panels, which involved a combination of online discussion boards, telephone and web-based conference calls, and in-person meetings
  • Prepare the reports on the Advisory Panels' recommendations
  • Our Panel reports provide detailed standards and guidelines on all aspects of qualitative and quantitative public opinion research

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