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From beginning to end, a Sage Research partner will be the day-to-day manager of your project.

Research Planning

  • We design studies in partnership with our clients. We ask the right questions up front to ensure the research plan is based on a joint understanding of the goals of the research.
  • We tailor the research methodology to your specific needs and resources.
  • We provide a complete rationale for our recommended design, not just costs and timetables, and where possible we provide you with viable options.

Research Execution

      We design all study materials.  In addition:

  • For qualitative studies: We identify and manage the recruiting process, facilities and equipment. We do the moderating.
  • For quantitative studies: We identify and manage the fieldwork supplier appropriate to your project – whether it be online, telephone or in-person.

Analysis & Reporting

  • Our reports present in-depth analysis, not just ‘results’; we ensure the full implications for your organization are evident and clear.
  • We don’t finish a project until you are completely satisfied and stated objectives have been achieved. We don’t simply deliver a report and disappear!